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From Marketing Analytics to Social Media, from Ethnic Marketing to Public Relations, from Production and Project Management to Negotiations. We are the Avengers of Business, your dream team of professionals designed specifically to provide elegant solutions that make you the hero.


S.W. & Associates is a Behind The Scenes Firm

We are a "BTS" firm that maintains your limelight as we serve your business needs across several categories (Advertising | Analytics & Development | Marketing and PR | Business Development | Content Production | Contract Analysis & Negotiations | Sales). Contact us/Read on for details on how we can help you!



We consistently achieve the best results. We have succeeded for clients with Facebook development to Adwords and Youtube, Blogs, Linkedin, Twitter, 360 Social Media Marketing and more. We have completed major PR projects including celebrity endorsements and televised events for major clients. We have successfully placed clients on Good Morning America, FOX News, CNBC, The Grammys, CNN, and several other major media outlets. We perform top-tier media relations.



Our team leader in this category has experience in document management, business development and public relations. He's an Inspiring leader with outstanding communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. Possesses excellent customer service, negotiation and problem-solving abilities with a consistent track record of success. Top sales maker with ability to teach, coach and motivate others to overachieve. * Speaks English, Spanish, & Hindi * M.S.-Management Information Systems (UIC) * Experience in Document & Brokerage Management * Research & Development



We are an award winning entity that has worked with top celebrities, producers, and video editors. We have worked on major audio productions from TV, Movies, hit artists, Idol winners and more! Our in-house team in this sector consists of publicly recognized music writers, editors, artists, engineers and producers. We own a catalog of over one hundred thousand popular songs that can be licensed directly. You get access to award winning tv & movie production crew from directors to cameramen to editors to producers to casting. You get access to our successful promotions department from a radio promotion team to tv marketing to online marketing. Just to name a few: We have worked with Usher, Queen Latifah, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Romeo Santos, Zoe Saldana, and other celebrities.



Our In-House Team in this sector is made of Senior software consultants with over 15 years of IT experience, Application Development, Web Development, Big Data and Analytics. SQL, Python, JAVA, C++, iOs, Android, Windows, Perl, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and more! Our experts are published in major trade journals and have consulted to fortune 500 companies.



We know how to help raise money. We can market crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaigns. We also have helped match Start-Ups with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.



We have the know how and expertise for all of your ethnic marketing and business needs!


We have done work for Microsoft, Disney, Google, Dell, Chesapeake Energy, ONE Coconut Water, United Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Mastercard, NuWave Oven, Jackson Guitars, Parker Guitars, The Grammy Awards, Univision, Teavana, Numi Tea, Celsius Energy Drinks, Oracle, Tibco, The David Lynch Foundation, Autism Speaks and more.

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